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Global Environmental Challenges

Our planet is facing several challenges, each of which is significant on its own. Combined, these environmental challenges could quickly become the Perfect Environmental Storm with devastating outcomes for the planet. Some of the more severe challenges include: Exponential population growth continues to put severe pressure on food and clean water supplies. Exponential use (depletion) of non-renewable fuels is by definition perilous. Long before fossil fuels are completely depleted we will have dramatically changed our climate. And while some would like to completely deplete the earth's uranium, we have still not found a good solution to the 10,000 year problem of nuclear waste disposal nor nuclear arms proliferation. My goal is not to dwell on these issues, but rather to point out that there are ample reasons to take action today. For those wanting more information on these challenges, please look below for links to more information. 

* Exponential population growth - Look at some raw, growing numbers at

* Depletion of non-renewable fuels - My Exponential Spreadsheet, plus too many books to list.

* Energy, Economy and Environment - Chris Martenson's Crash Course.  Maybe the most persuasive presentation yet!

* Global Climate Change - I found Al Gore's movie and book, An Inconvenient Truth, to be very straight forward and powerful. The Sierra Club also has lots of good information on Global Warming.

* Nuclear Problems - I find the Union of Concerned Scientists has good information of the problems of Nukes. Check out the Global Security and Nuclear Safety sections of their web site.

* Food and water scarcity - the best read I've found on this (and more) is Lester Brown's PlanB 2.0 and now 3.0