Renewable Energy Works!
Green Home Consulting

First Steps

Before contacting a paid consultant, it is prudent to first do some simple, inexpensive things to reduce your energy bills.

  • Install Compact Fluorescent bulbs throughout your home.
  • Pick up a copy and read ACEEE'sConsumers Guide to Home Energy Savings Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings and do the recommended energy saving strategies outlined in their Home Energy Checklist. The older versions actually list the most efficient appliances in each catagory (available thru used book sellers).
  • Income eligible homeowners should contact their local Weatherization Program for free audits and improvements. In Livingston County, go to
  • Check the local papers for coupons for Free "Home Comfort & Energy Assessment" audits. This is not an endorsement, and I'm sure they will try to sell you something, but the report will give you a great starting point on prioritizing your energy saving strategies.

If you have done the above and you are ready to save more, especially if you are going to build, please give me a call!